Make Money Or Get Out

It really is very simple, isn’t it? The reason why anyone one opens a casino is for the money. The profits are what will keep you going. There is absolutely no point in beginning a venture such as a casino and a claim it is a non-profit organization. That does sound preposterous. Casinos are in for the money. The entertainment and the freebies that are offered by the casino is for the sake of more profits. The more the customers are lured to the place, the better the chances of making more money.

People come into gamble. That is the ulterior motive of the player. He comes in to play and win money. The casino is considered as the best place to make some. Of course, it is a win-win situation. The casino also makes money in the process. Find out more play casino heroes at slotsify

How does the casino make money when the customers, gamblers, and players also seem to?

Rule number one – the casino is not a place for teetotallers. The drinks that are offered at the venue when the players are busy betting their money are in the house. Casinos need players to lower their inhibitions and play more. That is the role that alcohol plays in the whole gig.

Rule number two – finger food offered is also quite tempting. The massive buffet can tire out customers and not let them think. This plays to their advantage. A very sober and clear thinking player with good judgement will not be ideal for the profit makings of the casino.

Rule number three – Casinos offer Comp. It stands for complementary. These include free services and goods that come on the house. Apart from the obvious food and drinks, they also provide free valet parking, free rooms, and transportation. Casinos do all that they can to make your stay here completely comfortable and relaxing.

Rule number four – Casinos keep their shop open 24/7. This is very vital for their business. It improves the chances incoming funds.

Rule number five – It is very difficult for people to quit when ahead. After winning a few dollars, the confidence level added to the impaired judgement thanks to the constant refilling of alcohol makes people increase their bets. People keep playing until they do not have enough money to spend. The casino takes royal advantage of this human flaw and makes money off it to no end.

Rule Number Six – People who lose the money end up overdrawing their account with the hope that if they played long enough, they can make up the money they lost. They assume it is because of bad luck or a bad hand. It cannot last forever, can it? So they continue to play with borrowed money with the hope that luck will eventually turn in their favour.

This is honestly a vicious circle. The casino thus always ends up making money. The odds of winning are what is given a total focus on the casino’s profit. It certainly plays a very important role in the existence of the casino for sure. There are other factors also into play.

The popularity of the casinos

Casinos have become so popular that there are no boundaries as to who comes to play. Recently, a United States watchdog stated that there have been cases where the government issued credit cards have been misused at such casinos and strip clubs. The department of defence officials has failed to take proper action against those who are misappropriating the funds of the government and the public on these activities. This is not an issue that can be taken lightly.

The consequences have to be serious. The amounts are not small and negligent either. An amount close to one million US dollars has been used on casinos and a hundred thousand dollars just on strip clubs. This is a very serious offence in the books of the law. The onus is now on the Department of Defence (DOD) for not taking severe actions on the guilty. Gambling addictions and financial concerns are not something that can be brushed under the carpet.